Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
Sports Data Direct is for data analysts, data scientists, traders, and developers who love sports. We provide data in an easy to analyze tabular form so you can backtest betting strategies, learn data science with interesting data, and create compelling narratives all without having to worry about acquiring quality data.

Ever wanted to see how 538's Elo predictions actually perform? What about creating a spread betting model using offensive scheme information? Want to beat the DFS herd? Now you can with a lineup optimizer tailored to your own unique, data-supported insights (protip: good tight ends pass the ADF test for mean reversion!).

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How do I access the data?
We provide an API using OAuth2 authentication. Please view our examples page to get started.

When does the data update?
NFL data is updated weekly by Tuesday 3PM EST.

I can't code. Is this service for me?
Can you use Excel? Python? R? We're working on providing a downloadable zip of csv's in addition to our API. Otherwise, Sports Data Direct is probably not for you. We recommend you take a look at:

  • Sports Reference - they have amazing historical data on most sports and tools to help you find interesting statistics.
  • Fantasy Labs - a full featured daily fantasy lineup builder co-founded by Jonathan Bales
  • Rotogrinders - Similar to Fantasy Labs with more of a news site/community feel.
  • Fantasy Football Analytics - Crowdsourced projections tool with a lineup optimizer at a low price.

Can I cancel my subscription before it renews?
Yes. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account and going to "Manage Subscriptions". If you are unsatisfied for any reason please email

I found an error in the data.
While we do our best to ensure data quality, errors do happen. Please submit your issue on our github.

I want X data added.
Please submit a feature request on our github. Or email

What's coming in the next update?
Please view our release tracking on our github. We're open to suggestions and want Sports Data Direct to solve all of your needs.

I'm having an problem with my account. Who can I talk to?
Please email so we can resolve your issue.